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About Fanni Bartanics

I'm a travel and self-development blogger who hitchhiked across the globe and through experiences became a life coach. Basically, I invest in my own education so I can offer better help for those who wish to work with me and I document my own journey live on my blog (My Seven Worlds). I do not block any topic as I believe honestly starts by showing not just the results and the successes but the mistakes, downfalls, and vulnerability as well. 

I have been traveling the world since the age of 20, went through depression, sleep paralysis, insomnia and got to the point when I had to make a decision to end this or stand up. I choose life and started learning about psychology. I invested everything I had into my own personal development, went hitchhiking, traveled 45 countries, faced fears, forgave the past and built my personality from the ground up.

I found my happiness and peace when I got to Mexico and have been spending winters there ever since. I adopted a jungle dog, turned vegan, started learning about spirituality, put down all bad habits and focused on my mental and physical help. Everything that I have learned over all these years is what I summarized in all my courses because seeing people grow became my passion and calling.

My philosophy is that when people find their paths and stop worrying about every detail of their life is when they start seeing the big picture. Not only them, but others need help too. I have a strong love for our planet and I wish people cared more about it, so this is why I decided to help others, so they can start helping others as well.


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